Ruben Chato

Eagle Vision (AP/AP)
Rare Wood Print
30 x 24 in

Ruben Chato

Ruben Chato

Ruben Chato Hinojosa’s presence fills up the room and permeates charm. There’s something distinctive about Ruben that indicates he is tuned into a higher frequency than most. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why he is instantly magnetic but as I discover the extreme highs and lows which make up the fabric of his extraordinary life, I begin to feel truly honored to learn what he’s been taught by his culture. The thing that glints the brightest is, even through suffering profound tragedies (including surviving an aneurysm), his positive outlook and energy remains unshakeable.

Ruben is often found donating his art at fundraiser events like the FACE Foundation, San Diego International Film Festival, Honor Flight or Make-a-Wish. Ruben holds a consistency equal in radiance to our red sunsets of late. His genuine love for people is rare, strong and brilliant. He is kind and humble to everyone he meets, regardless of their position or status in the world.

Ruben is an international artist and storyteller well known for his profound ability to capture the individual personality of pets and people. He is also recognized for sculpting the Golden Eagle Awards at the San Diego International Film Festival Awards every year since 2013. Ruben is a selfie magnet with a bright spirit. His art has been featured in multiple national and San Diego publications such as U.S. Veterans and Homeland magazine.

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