Thad Markham: what fruits and vegetables do when no one is watching

"Thad Markham: what fruits and vegetables do when no one is watching." Off the Easel Magazine. Fall 2012: 22-23.

“It was his first crush. He had no idea it would cause such a disturbance in the family when he brought her home for dinner one night. But they were different. As different as... apples and oranges.”

“Grab a hold of the lime slice — it’s time to party! Te cocktail garnishes have formed a conga line and are snaking their way across the bar to that crazy beat.”

In the calm, quiet hours after the lights have gone out and the kitchen is closed, the produce rises for one last hurrah before its delicious fate is sealed. As the fructose content and emotions run high, peek into the secret flavorful world “Out of the Bowl”!

“Out of the Bowl” is a dynamic acrylic resin sculpture series with brilliantly colorful patinas that look good enough to eat. Dance the night away in Lemon Merengue, Hot Salsa, or even a sultry Last Tango Before Breakfast. Feel the passion, the sweetness, and the spice as you follow the secret lives of fruits and vegetables.

Visit to see if you can spot his newest addition to the party: Peaches and Cream. Nothing is better for soft, delicate skin than a luxurious spa day at the cream pitcher.

Who could possibly be behind all of this? These sculptures were born out of the mind of Thad Markham, who always approaches his work with enthusiasm, vivacity, and wit. Markham asks the vital question, What do fruits and vegetables do when no one is watching?

Thad Markham grew up near Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains where he enjoyed both skiing and water skiing. Markham pursued an engineering degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but decided to use his nonstop energy and entrepreneurial spirit to open an art gallery in Cambria. As a fine art professional, he takes a personal interest in creating art that appeals to the collectors with whom he has worked throughout his many successful years in business.

Markham’s “Out of the Bowl” series appeals to a broad range of art collectors for its sense of humor and versatility as small sculpture. Markham’s pieces can be found in fine art galleries throughout the United States, including Exclusive Collections Galleries.

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