Scott Johnson: Bloom

"Scott Johnson: Bloom."Off the Easel Magazine. Summer 2011: 24.

When you enter EC Galleries, one of the first things you will notice is the stunning garden of glass art flowers, created by master glass artist, Scott Johnson. Whether its winter or summer, rainy or sunny, his beautiful glass flowers are always in bloom and delighting our collectors with their bright colors.

Scott has not always worked in the glass medium – in fact, his first encounters with the world of art started by helping his father, world-renowned sculptor Snell Johnson (his works include one of the largest bronze sculptures in the world, a gold lion located at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas), at his foundry in Utah. His favorite thing to do was watch the molten bronze being poured into the red hot ceramic molds. Throughout high school, Scott continued working for his father casting and finishing his bronze artwork and that was when he began creating his own clay, limited edition bronze pieces. Although not formally trained at an art institute, the invaluable experience and knowledge he gained during his youth had a tremendous impact on Scott’s establishment as an artist. He voraciously absorbed all information from his mentors and fellow artists, read and trained on his own.

His passion for creating blown glass flowers developed in 2003 after a few trips to the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, where he admired the famous ceiling glass installation by Dale Chihuly. He was so enamored and inspired by the colors of flowers and the overall display that he began studying glass and learning how to make something similar, yet affordable, that he and his family could enjoy at home. Through trial and error he developed a system of sculpting curved metal stems and attaching glass flowers to them. He was able to combine his extensive experience in casting bronze with his newly acquired passion for hand-blown glass for this entirely new venture.

At EC Galleries, each of Scott’s flowers on display offers much more than meets the eye. His production process involves the intricate cutting and melting of stained glass, with a unique array of colors, shapes and sizes. He is always in search of the most harmonious and pleasing to the eye combinations of color and patterns that will not only create a splash of emotions for collectors, but also blend well with their home’s interior design.

A wonderful addition to your own collection, or a beautiful gift for someone special, Scott’s glass flowers bring joy and happiness as a long-lasting floral arrangement – in bloom for many years to come!

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