17th Anniversary Show with Walfrido Garcia

"17th Anniversary Show with Walfrido Garcia" Off the Easel Magazine. Summer 2012: 6-7.

July 27 & 28, 2012 • RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • For time and location call (800) 599-7111

Anniversaries are a time for celebration and reflection, and after 17 years, EC Galleries certainly has reason to celebrate! With that in mind, and with roots firmly planted in the Aloha of the islands, EC is excited to host a weekend of festivities featuring Hawaiian-based artist Walfrido Garcia.

A longtime member of the EC Family, Garcia is best known in the art world simply as “Walfrido.” His style has been described as “Romantic Realism,” blending photographic elements with a dramatic use of light. An experienced traveler, Walfrido takes his inspiration from real places. A majority of his works are painted on location, including here in San Diego where, even during brief visits, he has been known to pick up his canvas and paints and head off to capture the local coastline. “I try to make each and every painting sing as if you can hear the light and color through your heart. It helps to be a true romantic because the scenes I like to paint are scenes that should be shared with a loved one. My desire is to have the viewer respond to my work in a way similar to what I feel when I am creating it. We are all tied together through light whether it be a sunset, sunrise, or moonlight — there are no boundaries. My favorite scenes are those that evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and joy. I feel that I am reflecting the love of God which I see through nature.”

We invite you to join us for a celebration of nature, beauty, and inspiration as we celebrate 17 years representing remarkable artists like Walfrido. We will have Hawaiian dancers, Hawaiian music, an Aloha shirt contest, food, wine, and more. For more information and to RSVP, contact the gallery at (800) 599-7111.

“My desire is to have the viewer respond to my work in a way similar to what I feel when I am creating it. We are all tied together through light whether it be a sunset, sunrise, or moonlight — there are no boundaries.”

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Walfrido Garcia: By Land and Sea

"Walfrido Garcia: By Land and Sea." Off the Easel Magazine. Summer 2011: 6-7.

July 29 & 30, 2011 • RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • For time and location call (800) 599-7111

Exclusive Collections Galleries will be celebrating our 16th Anniversary in San Diego this summer. We are privileged to be hosting Walfrido Garcia as our featured artist during our Anniversary Celebration. Walfrido’s professional artistic career has grown and thrived during the many years of partnership and personal connection with EC. It is only fitting that Walfrido be the artist to share in celebration, as we complete another fulfilling year of bringing art to those who love and cherish it. The “Romantic Realism” of Walfrido’s landscapes encourage the dramatic elements of nature to bestir our innermost emotions. The artist wants us to share our ap- preciation for what we see and to express how we feel with others. Walfrido’s emphasis on sunlight and shadow, texture and color, play into the possibilities that life presents to us.

Whether he explores the cracks of firelight peeking out of a Hawaiian volcano’s rocky surface, or looking up into the stars to stare upon the gleaming face of the moon, Walfrido uses light in painting to redefine illumination. For Walfrido, the professional art business is a family business. Apprenticed under his father, Edgardo F. Garcia, at a young age, Walfrido was raised to understand the diligence and structure that is necessary in the life of a selling artist, but also the joy and fulfillment that it brings. He feels that art is something that can, and should, be shared within the family and used to celebrate life’s milestones. “Lately, I have been painting in diptychs, triptychs, and quads. There is a symbiotic energy with these, and I noticed that collectors who have two, three, or four kids can pass on a painting to each of their children. What better way to have a single memory together than to share a painting as a family? When the generations go down, the children are immortalized at the point of collection and conception.” Just as each child has their own personality that contributes to the family as a whole, so does each panel contribute to the overall painting.

In conjunction with the anniversary of EC Gallery, Walfrido examines his artistic career path in the re-release of his breakthrough triptych, Changing of the Guards. “For me, Changing of the Guards was both a blessing and a curse. As a blessing, it proceeded to silence any critics who wanted to challenge my presence in a professional gallery. However, because of it, my future work will forever be compared to that style.” At the onset of success as a professional artist, Walfrido traveled abroad to Europe to study different painting styles and techniques. He felt very impacted by the Van Gogh museum and the influences of the great masters. It was only natural for his style to evolve over time and to deliver new works of art with originality and creativity.

An artist, after all, thrives upon the process of reinvention and evolution. Walfrido Garcia looks brightly at his future. He affirms, “In retrospect people will be able to see that I have been five different artists in one.” His work has taken him to many of the most beautiful locations around the Pacific and Caribbean and perpetuated his love for romanticism and his fondness for finding tranquility and inspiration in nature. His scenes may look like a fantasy world, but they recall the moments in life that seem, in themselves, too good to be true. He describes his gift as “interpreting nature through color.”

Be a part of the celebration and meet Walfrido Garcia at EC Gallery in the Historic Gaslamp District to discover the person behind the paintings. At this annual Anniversary Show, you will also discover the people of EC Galleries, who have aimed to bring works of fine art and collectors together for nearly two decades.

Join us for our 16th Anniversary Celebration • Hawaiian Shirt Contest • Hula Dancers • Live Music • Food & Drink

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Walfrido: Endless Summer: EC Galleries Celebrates 15 Years

"Walfrido: Endless Summer." Off the Easel Magazine. Summer 2010: 6-7.

July 30 & 31, 2010 • 835 West Harbor Drive, Suite AB, San Diego CA 92101 • 619-238-0320 • RSVP via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This summer marks EC’s 15th year in San Diego and we invite you to join us for a special anniversary event on Friday, July 30th and Saturday, July 31st at our Seaport Village Gallery. As we celebrate this exciting milestone, we are also thrilled to welcome back one of our favorite artists, Walfrido Garcia, to reveal his new line-up of original oil paintings—many of which are inspired by our very own San Diego coastline!

Having grown up in the Bay Area of California, Walfrido started out his training in seascape art by painting a variety of famous landmarks and coastal scenes including the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Carmel and Mendocino County. The allure of California’s rugged coastlines and the blue Pacific captivated him at an early age and conjured inspiration for the future Hawaiian seascape paintings he would become famous for.

With California’s local beaches as the original inspiration behind Walfrido’s artistic career, this show brings him back full circle. “For me,” Walfrido explains, “these paintings represent a return to basics—a celebration and appreciation of where I originally started as an artist.”

Today, Walfrido has motivated art collectors all over the world to seek the captivating compositions that he brings to life on canvas, most often depicting the beautiful islands of Hawaii, which he also calls home. Having learned at an early age to use his God-given artistic talents to evoke powerful emotions, Walfrido translates visions from his imagination into a permanent form. Through years of apprenticeship and formal art education, he quickly learned how to manipulate light, form, color and detail.

Having spent most his life near the ocean, Walfrido’s career as an artist allows him to combine his two most cherished activities: surfing and painting. Through his first-hand knowledge of the sea, he is able to capture its realism, while his style emphasizes its romance, mystery and grandeur.

On July 30–31, guests to the gallery will have the rare opportunity to meet Walfrido and view his new paintings which portray some of San Diego’s most beloved beaches, surf spots and coastal scenes including La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas, to name a few. This special weekend event will feature live music entertainment, wine and culinary tastings, a silent auction, painting demonstrations and more!

We look forward to seeing you at the show as we honor the natural beauty of San Diego’s coastline and celebrate the remarkable works of Walfrido Garcia!


  • Hawaiian Shirt Contest
  • Authentic Hula Dancers
  • Live Hawaiian Music
  • Tropical Drinks
  • Wine and Culinary Tastings
  • Silent Auction
  • Painting Demonstrations

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